Nonprofits are unique organizations that have unique needs to be able to stay in operation. Nonprofits tend to be budget conscious as there operating budget comes from grants, donations, and fundraisers none of which are predictable in the amount of money that comes in. Nonprofits that help people find that they need to meet HIPAA or at least meet some minimum amount of privacy protection.

ACS brings the following to the table for nonprofits.

Discounts: ACS provides discounted rates for nonprofits and also donates time and materials to nonprofits. Furthermore, ACS finds vendors that provide discounts and donations to nonprofits to help them save money.

Grants: ACS will help with writing the grant especially the technical side of it.

Mobile Device Management: Many nonprofits are light on office overhead and work in workshare environments, work remotely, or have multiple locations. ACS can help manage these devices that may be out of sight and out of mind.

HIPAA Compliance: Many nonprofits help people and deal with protected health information in doing so. Therefore, they are finding that they need to be HIPAA compliant. Our management systems help keep them compliant.

Planning and CIO: ACS provides planning for nonprofit growth and budgeting. We give you executive level support and planning for your nonprofits future on an affordable basis.

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