Golf Courses and Management Companies

Golf courses need the tools to focus on day-to-day golf operations and focus on customer satisfaction. Being that golf is a discretionary spend, nothing matters more than delivering the best service to the customer. Anything that takes away from that can decrease customer satisfaction and lose business.

Golf course management companies focus on managing several properties and are ultimately responsible to their owners and partners to make their properties profitable. They need systems that give them insight into the daily operations and happenings of each property without them physically having to be there.

Here at ACS we offer the following solutions to to help make your golf operations profitable:

  • 24/7 availability for support calls: We know golf courses work outside normal business hours.
  • 99.9% internet uptime: Golf courses that rely on the cloud for their email and point of sale systems especially need their internet to work to serve their clients. We offer solutions that can keep the internet running even in the event of a failure on the primary internet.
  • Management of your IT systems: We keep you completely focused on golf operations by managing all your IT systems and keeping them running efficiently.
  • Employee Productivity: We improve your employee productivity by implementing systems that keep your employees off of non-business focused activities such as web surfing and games. We also keep your systems running optimally so your employees are efficient.
  • Guest Wireless:  Give more value to your customers by giving them reliable and secure guest wireless.
  • Strategic Planning: Are you thinking about opening that second course or maybe the 20th? We can help you in all phases of design and roll out of IT systems.