Managed Services

Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

Managed Services = New School

  1. Fix problems before they cause loss of business.
  2. Constantly aware of the health of your computers and network.
  3. Network is kept in compliance.
  4. Configurations, action plans, passwords, and compliance are documented.
  5. With real-time knowledge of your systems and ongoing relationships, we help you from the business aspect of creating budgets, getting ROI, future proofing, getting more business, and strategically using technology to improve your business.  
  6. Real time knowledge of viruses and other problems and takes immediate action to mitigate any risks or damage.
  7. Plans to protect your data and keeps a close check.

Break-Fix = Old School

  1. Fix problems only when they’re big enough to cause a disruption.
  2. Awareness of network and computers only when problems are being fixed.
  3. No reassurance network is compliant.
  4. There is no documentation, just fix what’s broken, bill, then leave.
  5. No planning for the future. No business acumen to help you grow your business through information technology.
  6. Doesn’t know if your systems have a problem that needs immediate attention such as virus or hack. Not knowing and not taking action can lead to larger problems.
  7. Rarely implements data protection measures, and if so it isn’t reliable.

How managed services will benefit your business...

Our team will give you a professional, unbiased opinion on whether or not managed IT services is right for your business.